Miss Me?

So, for the path month and half-ish, I’ve been writing for a little site by the name of The Gamers Drop. So if you’re like “wow I wonder if he died,” don’t worry, I’m still kicking. But I did, however, forget to mention on this here blog that I’m still writing (or, more precisely, writing again, and doing a lot of it.)

There you’ll find news, and reviews, and impressions, and anything else my mind may poop out. I even did an interview. So if you find my inane ramblings more entertaining than obnoxious – I know there are a few of you – check it out.

A couple more interesting reads you probably missed, and might want to read:

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I’ll be sticking around TGD for the foreseeable future, so keep an eye there for any of my musings.

I’m a pretty prolific muser, too.

Maybe even more prolific than Muse.

(Don’t tell them I said that.)


EVOLVE: Playing an Alpha Predator in the Alpha

So I played some Evolve. 12 hours of it, actually. Well 12 hours of the alpha, which is in no way representative of the final product. That’s in addition to playing some of the August alpha, too. Safe to say, I’ve got a pretty good handle on the game.

And I think it has some promise, and I have some reservations.

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Only One Thing Could’ve Awoken This Bear from Hibernation

So I’ve not posted anything in quite some time. I’d like to say that the story behind that was one of excitement and intrigue. But really, I was just lazy. What, then, would cause me to break a sixth month silence? Collectibles, of course. Thank you, Saints Row IV. Now, I love the game. I really do. It’s fun and it’s exciting and you’ve got superpowers. But at some point, I realized that I had spent a healthy chunk of time bounding between rooftops collecting data clusters to upgrade my character’s superpowers. That, in turn, made me want to admit to the world how sick I am of collectibles in video games. Continue reading

Hawken, Dance of the 2-ton Figure Skaters


Sometime, many moons ago, a trailer for Hawken hit, unveiling a sleek mech game, and people were immediately wowed. Since then, things have sort of snowballed. Hawken has a graphic novel, an upcoming live-action webseries, and even talks of a movie. But despite all this fanfare, Hawken still isn’t technically out yet. But it has been in open beta for a few months now. So here are some thoughts.

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Planetside 2


War is hell. Unless it’s Planetside 2, in which case it’s totally rad. The battlefield is teaming with tanks rolling about, aircraft zipping through the air, foot soldiers hiding behind rocks, the occasional person shot in the back of the head by a friendly, or run over by an allied vehicle. See? Fun. Few games offer battles as large-scale as Planetside 2, and even fewer of those games are free to play. Sure, sometimes you’ll be reenacting the Alamo. But even those moments are thrilling.

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Dead Space 3


Over the course of the Dead Space series, protagonist Isaac Clarke has gone from a lowly engineer to supreme slayer of necromorphs. The second game gave voice to the previously silent character, and now Dead Space 3 has given him, apparently, the power to obliterate everything in his path. EA and Visceral were forthright in admitting that the third game would shy away from the survival horror aspects that made its predecessors so popular. And so they have. Regardless of whether the directional shift was a good idea—that’s completely subjective—Dead Space 3 is still rather enjoyable.

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Dragonborn: Bloodmoon through the eyes of Skyrim


Back when Skyrim first released, rumors abound that one of the expansions would take place in good old Morrowind. Naturally, I was excited. My rose-tinted glasses show that game in a fine light. Fast forward a bit, and here comes Dragonborn, which—lo and behold—takes place on Solstheim, the island featured in Morrowind’s expansion Bloodmoon. But despite foreign shores, Dragonborn is still very much Skryim, for better or worse.

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