Monthly Archives: August 2012

Playing Guild Wars 2

Combat in Guild Wars 2 is a welcome evolution over other games. Sure, you could stand there and mash buttons to victory. But you’d be doing the game and yourself a disservice. Plus, you’d probably get stomped in PvP. There’s a finesse to fighting, something that isn’t always necessary, but is always advised. It’s less about what buttons you’re pressing, and more about when you’re pressing them.

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Guild Wars 2, The Good and the Bad

I’ll open this little shindig by saying that my experiences with Guild Wars 2 thus far have been quite positive. As leveling from 1-35 in 35 hours over 3 days has shown. The game may not be the revolution in MMORPGs that some people were expecting, but it’s the freshest entry to the genre in years. My issues steam from mostly technical things. I’ll start there.

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What Guild Wars 2 is All About

So, I’m playing Guild Wars 2. A lot. Expect to see a few posts over the coming days about it. I’ll try to keep each one brief, but if you put them all together, you might end up with a novella. I’ll start out with initial impressions, and work my way down from there. To sum it up: I like the game.

I am become Death, Darksiders 2 Review

At its core, Darksiders 2 is an amalgamation of other games. It’s also damn fun. As the horseman Death, you prance around meticulously crafted words, fisticuff with foes aplenty, and use your noggin to solve countless puzzles.

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