Monthly Archives: November 2012

Sleeping Dogs, Don’t Let Them Lie, Punch Them in the Face

Sleeping Dogs is an open world action game in the vein of Grand Theft Auto. It’s got driving and shooting, and more driving. A lot of driving, in fact. But does set itself apart one key way: Kung Fu. 

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The Walking Dead, the Game That’s Based on the Comic That’s Also a TV Series


With the fifth episode out, Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead has finally concluded. At least this season of it—a second is already confirmed. After having doled out many an episodic game throughout the last few years, Telltale’s latest is certainly their finest. The Walking Dead is a brutal and at times heart-wrenching experience.

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Sine Mora, funny name, serious shooter.

Sine Mora blipped on my radar back in March when it came out for the Xbox 360 to generally positive reviews. My initial impressions were something along the lines of, “Oh, hey, that looks pretty rad. Maybe one day it’ll come out on PC.” That day has come. And you know what? It is pretty rad. And rad is not a term I use lightly.

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Darksiders 2, forging through the Abyssal Forge

Poor Death must’ve gone on quite the bender. First he wakes up in an eerie swamp, peculiar black water everywhere (don’t touch it; it hurts). Then he meets a mad skeleton Maker who tells him that the Abyssal Forge must be stopped before it can conquer all of creation. Death, nursing quite the hangover, does just that. And quick, too. One might say he is… deathly efficient.

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