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Dead Space 3


Over the course of the Dead Space series, protagonist Isaac Clarke has gone from a lowly engineer to supreme slayer of necromorphs. The second game gave voice to the previously silent character, and now Dead Space 3 has given him, apparently, the power to obliterate everything in his path. EA and Visceral were forthright in admitting that the third game would shy away from the survival horror aspects that made its predecessors so popular. And so they have. Regardless of whether the directional shift was a good idea—that’s completely subjective—Dead Space 3 is still rather enjoyable.

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Dragonborn: Bloodmoon through the eyes of Skyrim


Back when Skyrim first released, rumors abound that one of the expansions would take place in good old Morrowind. Naturally, I was excited. My rose-tinted glasses show that game in a fine light. Fast forward a bit, and here comes Dragonborn, which—lo and behold—takes place on Solstheim, the island featured in Morrowind’s expansion Bloodmoon. But despite foreign shores, Dragonborn is still very much Skryim, for better or worse.

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DmC: Devil May Cry, a redundant title for a not-so-redundant reboot.

DmC did not have a title screen, so I made my own.

DmC did not have a title screen, so I made one.

Before DMC: Devil May Cry, my experience with the series involved only the fourth game. I don’t recall much about it, other than finding the keyboard controls to be nothing short of torturous (this was before I made the brilliant decision to pick up a 360 controller). So let’s just say I went into the reboot unimpeded by the past. And you know what? DMC was pretty rad, in a goofy sort of way. Sure, the new Dante was kind of doofus, and some of the writing was laughable (in a good way). But the combat was (mostly) pretty good, platforming was fun, and the level design was simply great.

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