Miss Me?

So, for the path month and half-ish, I’ve been writing for a little site by the name of The Gamers Drop. So if you’re like “wow I wonder if he died,” don’t worry, I’m still kicking. But I did, however, forget to mention on this here blog that I’m still writing (or, more precisely, writing again, and doing a lot of it.)

There you’ll find news, and reviews, and impressions, and anything else my mind may poop out. I even did an interview. So if you find my inane ramblings more entertaining than obnoxious – I know there are a few of you – check it out.

A couple more interesting reads you probably missed, and might want to read:

A SUPERHOT review.

A Firewatch review.

Some impressions from The Division Beta.

I’ll be sticking around TGD for the foreseeable future, so keep an eye there for any of my musings.

I’m a pretty prolific muser, too.

Maybe even more prolific than Muse.

(Don’t tell them I said that.)


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