DmC: Devil May Cry, a redundant title for a not-so-redundant reboot.

DmC did not have a title screen, so I made my own.

DmC did not have a title screen, so I made one.

Before DMC: Devil May Cry, my experience with the series involved only the fourth game. I don’t recall much about it, other than finding the keyboard controls to be nothing short of torturous (this was before I made the brilliant decision to pick up a 360 controller). So let’s just say I went into the reboot unimpeded by the past. And you know what? DMC was pretty rad, in a goofy sort of way. Sure, the new Dante was kind of doofus, and some of the writing was laughable (in a good way). But the combat was (mostly) pretty good, platforming was fun, and the level design was simply great.

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On the Path of Exile

path of exile

Path of Exile went into open beta recently, and as a connoisseur of fine loot, I dove right in. 30 some-odd levels later, and I thought I’d offer some slightly-beyond-first impressions. Anyone familiar with action RPGs will feel right at home. Path of Exile’s got acts, and waypoints, and randomly generated dungeons out the wazoo. In many ways, the game harkens back to the action RPGs of yore. The graphical presentation is strikingly similar to that of Diablo 2. Path of Exile is dark, grim, bloody, and mature.

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Warframe, it’s going places… maybe.


Warframe has the potential to be great, and considering this third person co-op shooter is still in closed beta, maybe it’ll reach its potential. Warframe feels like a great proof-of-concept; what’s there is a lot of fun, but it’s still lacking in actual content, more than I’d expect a game in this stage of development to be.

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Spec Ops: The Line


Let’s get this out of the way: Spec Ops: The Line has one of the best, most intriguing stories in years. At the same time, the game surrounding that story is just sort of average. Sprint from cover to cover. Shoot the enemy. Hide until health is regenerated. Then shoot some more. That’s what you’re doing for the entire, 4-6 hour game. However, the best, most intriguing stories in years is not light praise. It’s a downpour of praise. Average gameplay aside, Spec Ops: The Line is one hell of a game.

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They Bleed Pixels, and So Will You

They Bleed Pixels

In simplest terms, They Bleed Pixels is a 2D platforming brawler. And it is quite true to its name. When you’re not leaping around from super-dangerous platform to super-dangerous platform, you’ll be smackin’ around pixelated enemies, who die with a gush of pixelated blood that flies everywhere and covers everything. So, yeah, it’s got style. Lots of it. What it’s also got, in even greater amounts than style, is difficulty.

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Steam Steals

By the time you are reading this, the floodgates that are Steam’s 2012 winter sale may be open. Each year these holiday sales grow more and more popular, with more and more hype preceding them. And for good reason. Everyone loves cheap games.

So I figured what better way to celebrate the oncoming storm than to post a few of my favorite steals. These are five games I’ve purchased for mere pennies, and then played the snot out of. I’m going to focus specifically on little indie games that most people might not have even heard of.

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Far Cry 3, it’s like a tropical getaway. Minus the part where pirates want you dead.


In Far Cry 3, you can be strolling through the jungle when passing enemies notice you flaunting your stuff. They don’t like that one bit and attack immediately. Before you’re able to blow their heads off, a random tiger rushes out of the underbrush. Suddenly, another patrol emerges from the jungle, attracted by the gunfire. Then a group of rebels, also lured, roll up, and a three-way arises between your enemies, the tiger, and the rebels. Then, once everyone is dead, you, having not lifted a finger, grab one of the abandoned vehicles and drive off into the sunset, cheerful island music playing on the radio. These unscripted, emergent moments make Far Cry 3.

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