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Dead Space 3


Over the course of the Dead Space series, protagonist Isaac Clarke has gone from a lowly engineer to supreme slayer of necromorphs. The second game gave voice to the previously silent character, and now Dead Space 3 has given him, apparently, the power to obliterate everything in his path. EA and Visceral were forthright in admitting that the third game would shy away from the survival horror aspects that made its predecessors so popular. And so they have. Regardless of whether the directional shift was a good idea—that’s completely subjective—Dead Space 3 is still rather enjoyable.

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DmC: Devil May Cry, a redundant title for a not-so-redundant reboot.

DmC did not have a title screen, so I made my own.

DmC did not have a title screen, so I made one.

Before DMC: Devil May Cry, my experience with the series involved only the fourth game. I don’t recall much about it, other than finding the keyboard controls to be nothing short of torturous (this was before I made the brilliant decision to pick up a 360 controller). So let’s just say I went into the reboot unimpeded by the past. And you know what? DMC was pretty rad, in a goofy sort of way. Sure, the new Dante was kind of doofus, and some of the writing was laughable (in a good way). But the combat was (mostly) pretty good, platforming was fun, and the level design was simply great.

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On the Path of Exile

path of exile

Path of Exile went into open beta recently, and as a connoisseur of fine loot, I dove right in. 30 some-odd levels later, and I thought I’d offer some slightly-beyond-first impressions. Anyone familiar with action RPGs will feel right at home. Path of Exile’s got acts, and waypoints, and randomly generated dungeons out the wazoo. In many ways, the game harkens back to the action RPGs of yore. The graphical presentation is strikingly similar to that of Diablo 2. Path of Exile is dark, grim, bloody, and mature.

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Hitman: Absolution


The latest Hitman game, by IO Interactive, seems to have caused quite the splash, and by splash, I mean it has split gamers like the parting of the Red Sea. People are either perfectly fine with the game’s direction, or they hate it. Up until Absolution, I had not played any Hitman game. Quite the failing on my part, I know. Apologies. But at least I went into Absolution without a predisposition.

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Sleeping Dogs, Don’t Let Them Lie, Punch Them in the Face

Sleeping Dogs is an open world action game in the vein of Grand Theft Auto. It’s got driving and shooting, and more driving. A lot of driving, in fact. But does set itself apart one key way: Kung Fu. 

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Darksiders 2, forging through the Abyssal Forge

Poor Death must’ve gone on quite the bender. First he wakes up in an eerie swamp, peculiar black water everywhere (don’t touch it; it hurts). Then he meets a mad skeleton Maker who tells him that the Abyssal Forge must be stopped before it can conquer all of creation. Death, nursing quite the hangover, does just that. And quick, too. One might say he is… deathly efficient.

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The Darkness II

The Darkness II is rather awesome, and I’m not just saying that because I grabbed it out of a virtual bargain bin. I say it because there’s a surprising amount of fun to be had in eviscerating your enemies with a pair of tentacles resembling eels from hell.

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