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Only One Thing Could’ve Awoken This Bear from Hibernation

So I’ve not posted anything in quite some time. I’d like to say that the story behind that was one of excitement and intrigue. But really, I was just lazy. What, then, would cause me to break a sixth month silence? Collectibles, of course. Thank you, Saints Row IV. Now, I love the game. I really do. It’s fun and it’s exciting and you’ve got superpowers. But at some point, I realized that I had spent a healthy chunk of time bounding between rooftops collecting data clusters to upgrade my character’s superpowers. That, in turn, made me want to admit to the world how sick I am of collectibles in video games. Continue reading


Far Cry 3, it’s like a tropical getaway. Minus the part where pirates want you dead.


In Far Cry 3, you can be strolling through the jungle when passing enemies notice you flaunting your stuff. They don’t like that one bit and attack immediately. Before you’re able to blow their heads off, a random tiger rushes out of the underbrush. Suddenly, another patrol emerges from the jungle, attracted by the gunfire. Then a group of rebels, also lured, roll up, and a three-way arises between your enemies, the tiger, and the rebels. Then, once everyone is dead, you, having not lifted a finger, grab one of the abandoned vehicles and drive off into the sunset, cheerful island music playing on the radio. These unscripted, emergent moments make Far Cry 3.

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